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DESIGNER / Katie Bourchier



Katie Bourchier

Brisbane, QLD

Ancient space ethereal feminist

I love space. I believe in aliens.
I draw a lot of inspiration from 'what we don't yet know'.


background / edu

Prior to becoming a Jewellery & small objects artist, I was beginning a career as a secondary school educator.  At the time I saw leaving teaching as a huge failure, but it was an excellent move. I learned so much about myself as a teacher, so I would never trade that time or say it was a waste. I learned that I love people, I love stories, history and art. 

While I was encouraging my students to become anything they wanted, and that all kinds of magic is within their reach, I realised I was also speaking to my teenage self.  That teenager really wanted to be an artist.  The jewellery I make is wearable artworks, which reflect my experience as an ancient history lover and teacher. The jewellery I make reflects my appreciation of humans through time, and all the amazing things we are capable of.  


I think my practice says more than the work itself.  I like the wearer to bring their own interpretation and story to the items I make.  You can bring so much meaning to jewellery as a wearer.  But my practice is a place where I am able to be very considerate of the environment, and my impact as a maker and artist.  The materials I use are largely recycled, and always ethically sourced.  It’s really important to me, to make conscious purchases, and I am lucky to make items that last lifetimes and can be handed down or recycled again to a raw material.


The first artist that has come to mind is Tracey Emin. She’s just incredible. I resonate with her drawings and paintings because I can see that she loves people too.  She’s curious and frustrated and small but enormous. She breathes fire and is so vulnerable.  The way she is so open about being fragile is what makes me love her most.  I love the Dada and Surrealist movements, namely Mèret Oppenheim and Hannah Hoch. I love to play with scale (tiny ladders for your ears anyone?) so I think this play and absurdity definitely translates in my work.

creative process

I like to draw (very badly) first. And I don’t necessarily draw the jewellery I am about to make. I just draw what I am seeing, or I draw myself in the mirror.  After a few drawings I'll sit down at the bench and either start carving wax, to make what will eventually be a silver piece, or I will saw pierce and cut wire to mimic one of the drawings.

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