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& production methods

We have a small and transparent supply chain, which is overseen by our amazing production manager in India. Fabrics are sourced through GOTS (The Global Organic Textile Standard) and Lenzing, and are spun into the soft and luxurious fabrics that are free from harmful chemicals. Our Organic Cotton is coloured by artisans using plant dyes, to create the pastel rainbow of our dreams. The Pieces are manufactured in our sewing factory in Tirupur, which has achieved Sedex accreditation - providing guarantees of the fair and safe treatment of workers. The makers are super skilled and specialise in the production of underwear. Their experience brings so much value to our products. 


We are inspired by the ideas of minimalist design, maximum quality and comfort. Our aim is to provide basics and underwear to the Australian fashion landscape featuring clean lines, luxe fabrics and the styles and colours needed for the everyday. 

creative process

When designing outside of the core ranges, we consider the women wearing our items, and the women who have come before us. Our mothers and grandmothers who shaped us, aesthetics from the past but still a strong focus on the clean lines and simplicity that our brand is known for. 


NICO is a celebration of the sartorial philosophy of minimalism and understated luxury. Form and function coexist with pieces that not only look beautiful, but feel beautiful to wear too. At the core of everything we do at NICO is a strong respect for the people we work with, and the environment we work within.


We are all about comfort and functionality, and how those ideas can intersect with fashion and the female form. 




We love the concept of committing to buying from sustainable and ethical brands, consumers really hold the power by deciding where their money goes. We aim to provide like minded consumers with the necessary basics that they can feel good about purchasing! 

Lis Harvey


"We are all about comfort and functionality, and how those ideas can intersect with fashion and the female form"


Minimalism and Luxury


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