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Chev Lane is a Brisbane-based online retailer that focuses on celebrating slow, conscious fashion and art pieces. The store is a mix of natural, regenerated materials and goods created by local & emerging makers. 


We are dedicated to curating, sourcing and selling locally-made pieces cerated by artists and designers in Brisbane as well as other regions across Australia. We have a strong focus on repurposing, recycling and saving items from the grips of landfill. After coming to terms with how the fashion industry affects our planet, we began to view fashion in an entirely new light and felt a strong need to do something about it. A new era for creatives have emerged and Chev Lane is an exciting new platform to share them to you. 


Chev Lane is also directed towards holding events for the Brisbane community to engage in, including regular pop-up shops, exhibitions and music events. We hope for Chev Lane to continue evolving into a space that drives creativity in all of its forms and for its events to continue driving a dialogue amongst creatives.

We want to make slow fashion one step easier by curating collections that can cater to a unique wardrobe based on sustainable demands. Aesthetic traits defy the norms of traditional eco-brands, showcasing luxury-streetwear with a punk ethos.

About me


Hi there! My name is Charlene, I am the face behind Chev Lane. 

While I tried to fight it at one point, I’ve always had a very creative side and an appreciation for the arts. While my family were traditionally “right” I have always been progressing toward the “left”.

I grew up in Tasmania until I was a tween, living a slow-paced and modest upbringing. Similar to the community roots of my small town, I quickly formed a strong connection to Brisbane where the warmth of the people  who provided familiarity to the people back home.


I constantly draw inspiration by local creativity, the unconventionally weird and the friends around me.

My industry experience in fashion spans from creative direction, visual content and marketing and since have done work for local fashion brands such as Practice Studio & dogstar.

I began by using fashion purely as an expressive outlet but as I headed into my university studies it quickly became something I was interested in from an academic perspective. Throughout my fashion studies, I was faced with the harsh-realities that run deep in the fashion industry… I became enticed by ideas of anti-fashion, the kitsch and practices around sustainability. I am now striving to bring light to the new, innovative ways that our local makers are producing fashion that is friendly both to the people and the planet.

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