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DESIGNER / Also Known As



Ayla Anderson

Gold Coast, QLD

adjustability, subversion, and repurposing

One random fact about myself would be that I used to do acrobatics!!
So random!!


background / edu

Born on the Gold Coast, I faced undiagnosed Anxiety & ADHD during school, finding solace in sewing. Despite academic challenges, a standout moment came with a latex collection for a runway event, winning the people's choice award. Seeking creative freedom, I ventured into dermal therapy but felt stifled, prompting a move to the UK in 2020. Returning in 2021, armed with self-discoveries, I resumed my fashion journey at QUT in 2022. Volunteering at Brisbane Fashion Week led to stylist opportunities, becoming a significant income source while studying. Coordinating the graduate show, I found joy in the role, continuing in 2023. My work focuses on adjustability, subversion, and repurposing, aiming to empower wearers in creative self-expression. Inspired by Alexander McQueen and Colm Dillane, I strive for impactful storytelling in my collections, influenced by my partner's film expertise.

Design aesthetics

I always find this really hard to articulate as my work has changed so
often, however I’d say where the brand is at now, and the direction I’d
love it to continue in, fits into reinventing traditional tailoring. Abstract
silhouettes, clean lines mixed with some geometric lines are also words
I’d use – but alo feel free to write how you would describe the collection!
I often spend so long with pieces and have over-thought them so much
that I find it hard to articulate their ‘aesthetic’ if that makes sense.


Such a cliché answer in the fashion world, but Alexander McQueen is one of the designers that I feel a strong connection to. As a tortured soul with extreme mental health issues, he channelled his pain and torment into his art, and I find that incredibly moving. Most of the designers around me channel some sort of pain of their own into their designs, and I find it’s a way to cope with what life throws at us. I watch the ‘McQueen’ documentary at least once a month, and it never fails to move me to tears. Regarding approach to artistry and story I’m incredibly inspired by Colm Dillane of Kidsuper. The incredible stories he crafts through his work always impress me, and his runway shows level up the game every time. I’m also very inspired by film. My partner is a filmmaker and throughout our relationship has slowly introduced me to many films that have inspired me and given me emotions I couldn’t put into words – and this is something that when I’m able, I would love to do with my collections.

creative process

My process when it comes to designing always starts with a concept.
Usually I cycle through aesthetics, colours, fabrics, textures etc. that are interesting me at the time, but the designs never start there. Whenever I’m inspired by something I’ll write it down in my notes app, and over time I’ll slowly have more ideas linked to that concept which I’ll add in. Some stand out more than the others, and that’s usually when I’ll decide to start some research and aesthetic exploration, deliberately avoiding visual stimuli initially to stay true to the collection's message.

I employ mind maps and word lists to deepen the concept, introducing aesthetic research later allows for necessary evolution and a strong foundation to build from. I will then slowly collect visual inspiration through imagery, films, taking photos of things that I see out and about etc. and slowly build a journal of all of this research. As I go along I begin sketching and refining ideas, followed by iteration, toiling, and experimentation with silhouettes and fabrics until the collection comes together.

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