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Bec Zanetti

Meanjin. Brisbane, QLD



background / edu

While I have no formal education, I’ve had the privilege of being raised by a remarkable woman whose expertise as an established oil painter and creative force have taught me invaluable lessons and techniques that have shaped my artistic evolution. I’m also incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by a talented community of creatives from various disciplines who continuously inspire and educate me.

creative process

Bunni PR is an experimental project that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It emerged from the simple notion of "just because." I’ve always found working with my hands to be a meditative process, yet I felt pressure to only create art with profound meaning or rooted in deep inspiration, which stunted my creativity. However, I started questioning why I couldn't create something purely because I desired to do so. While everything we create is inevitably influenced by our experiences and perspectives, adopting this mindset granted me a newfound sense of freedom, joy, and a space for boundless experimentation in my work.


All work is currently handmade in my home studio in Brisbane.


A recurring theme that has emerged in my work is the exploration of the contrasting elements of innocence and sin. Although it was not conscious, this theme has persisted and manifested organically in my creative expressions.

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