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DESIGNER / ektinker

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ektinker (Emma Trewhella)

Toowong, Brisbane, QLD


Organic, Waste Utilisation, Wearable Art

q & a

background / edu

I was initially studying art therapy until I became side tracked by venturing to Alice springs, which led me to finding my path in art and then sewing. I know I will become an art therapist later in my life but it still deeply informs my experience in general and the way I feel about the expression of oneself in the world through the relationship they have with the materials and colours they have in their world and on their body. I have never studied any type of fashion or art and I believe the lack of technical knowledge at the beginning gave space for me to organically find my style without any conformity. It’s now nice to have both a strong vision and forever growing skill in the field. I am profoundly grateful and lucky to have been taking in by Maria Nelson Molloy through an internship. She saw this exploration within me and has guided me ever since with that creation, taught me everything I know that has to do with sewing, fabrics and about being in the world. 

 creative process

My practice is waste informed. It starts with me pulling up scraps of fabric against my body and putting them together like a puzzle or seeing two pieces of scrap fabric that I can see naturally fall into the shape of a part of a garment then it all unfolds from there. It’s rare but soothing to find a meter or two of fabric where I design something onto it directly which happened with these reverence tops. 

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