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facts about me

My first job in fashion was picking up hundreds of clothes from the floor in a department store on Oxford st. I have worked in visual merchandising, opened stores for a chain and began my own design processes in 2001. After a break ( kids) I returned with the need to make the process more circular and local than ever before.

& production methods

Each piece is constructed in Brisbane. All pieces are cut at the Indooroopilly studio,some are sewn here and others are sewn by my team of amazing women in their home studio. 

creative process

Nelson Molloy process is born from practicality and the desire to create garments that can be worn across ages and time. Chasing Zero's process is a combination of experimentation, traditional mending methods, recycling , natural and reverse dye techniques. Together they become circular and connected with juxtaposed aesthetics.


Nelson Molloy is about the quest to design peaceful pieces that are understated and extend across age and time. The understanding of trends, pop culture and people underpins the wearability and longevity. Chasing Zero happened to avoid textile waste in the production of Nelson Molloy. Scraps are manipulated using various dye and embellishment techniques to add interest to the finished piece. 


Nelson Molloy makes understated statement pieces that transcend seasons  for an ageless wardrobe. Chasing Zero designs are a nod to the boxy silhouettes of the post punk era, a hint of 80’s b-girl with the philosophy of zero waste at its core.

chasing zero logo.png

Maria Nelson Molloy
(Nelson Molloy)
(Chasing Zero)




Nelson Molloy - logo in middle.png

"Inspiration comes from music,pop culture and nature - the 3 constants in my life"


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