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"Meanjin is a zine that represents Brisbane in the most intimate, unabashed way possible.  I wanted to write a zine about Brisbane because I wanted to change people’s perceptions of the city, as most people are more interested in trying to understand Sydney or Melbourne, rather than Brisbane.  I would describe it as tranquil, meditative and honest.


I would say lean into your immediate surroundings. There are so many moments we all experience each day, no matter how simple or fleeting, but being able to reflect and grow from these moments in the world around us is part of what makes us human." - Bona 

Bona Obiri-Yeboah - Meanjin Zine

SKU: 0081
  • Meanjin is a zine that bathes in Brisbane’s sub-tropical sensuality. In the zine, I explore my relationship with the space and time that I have occupied in Brisbane, and how this place has shaped me in turn. There’s enduring and approachable qualities here that keeps me coming back to writing about this sleepy river city.

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