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Introducing the  CL - Twill Multi-Wear Wrap from our new Chev Lane Reworked Range.


Once a pair of brown twill men’s shorts salvaged from the Salvos; now, a multi wear wrap layering accessory. It's designed to fit all shapes and sizes - and can be worn in multiple ways depending on your size and creativity. 


So far, we have found five different ways to wear this piece, but you have complete freedom to experiment.


Wear it on its own, or lay it over the top of a turtleneck, a t-shirt, or wear it like an apron over a pair of shorts - so many outfit opportunities.


If worn alone as a top without anything underneath it would best fit a S.  Medium and up would be best suited as a layering accessory on top.

Model is Ashlee, Size 12-14

CL Reworked - Twill Multi-Wear Wrap

SKU: 0135
Colour: Light Brown
  • Upcycled from Brown twill shorts sourced from op shop

  • Your order will be delivered in a 100% compostable Hero Packaging satchel, which has been designed to break down completely. These can be placed in your compost or organics waste bin. 

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