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Introducing the stunning Cassandra Steele - The Moldy Maxi Skirt, a true statement piece

This voluminous skirt is crafted from naturally dyed fabric and features a romantic layered design with naturally dyed fabric, adjustable gathers, and a detachable flower.


Gathers have been created in the top layer/ waistband of the skirt by using shirring elastic,
and then throughout the rest of the skirt adjustable drawstrings have been used to create the gathers both for aesthetic and customisation. Fits between size 8 to 12. Additionally, natural dyeing techniques have been used in the middle layer of the skirt.

Cassandra Steele - The Moldy Maxi Skirt

SKU: 0126
  • These garments are an exploration of mental health that was visually represented by mold. The folds of the fabric mimic the small, dark spaces that mold is often found in.

    Additionally, the naturally dyed part of the skirt takes direct inspiration from the colours and patterns of mold, the often erratic and organic shapes have been created using an intuitive process with the natural materials and the dying process.

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