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Introducing Cassandra Steele's - The Moldy Tank Top (Black), a Two-piece adjustable tank top with gathers and ties, perfect for any capsule wardrobe.


Made from a light-weight stretch cotton, this off the shoulder tank top features elasticated ruching on the sides for a flattering fit. This top can be worn in many variations. The two piece top design features an underlayer variation which is off the shoulder (see final image) and a outerlayer with multi-wear ties, making it a versatile option. This two pieces can be worn together or separately. Have fun experimenting.


Gathers have been created using both shirring elastic as well as drawstrings along the side seams. There are ties at the top that tie together the tank tops, this can also be left undone.

Cassandra Steele - The Moldy Tank Top

SKU: 0130
Color: Black
  • These garments are an exploration of mental health that was visually represented by mold. The folds of the fabric mimic the small, dark spaces that mold is often found in.

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