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Chasing Zero - Moss Scrunchie Dress

SKU: 0086
  • DESIGNER / Chasing Zero

    The Moss Scrunchie Dress, currently an exclusive piece to Chev Lane is a versatile yet makes an entrance.
    This dress has the ability to be worn or down. Styled it 'formally' by pairing it with some platform boots and accessories! Or dress it more casually with some bed hair and docs/ sandals. 

    Features a raw scrunchie panel detail in the middle of the dress that had been entirely hand stitched from salavaged fabric scraps. Olive sleeves freely drape.  The back has a black and white diagnal cross that has been patched to the top of the dress.

    - Salvaged scraps
    - Productive waste
    - Hand stitched
    - Reverse dying technique applied

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