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Introducing from the Chev Lane reworked range, The Reworked Button Up, a unique addition to our upcycled fashion collection. This (once) Nautica white button up has been transformed into a statement piece with intricate pleating on the front with adjustable ties and ruching near the arm cuffs. The ties can be styled straight down or wrapped around the body for added versatility, and there's an extra tie on the inside of the garment for even more styling options. This reworked button up is great for those who want to make a statement with their fashion choices while also being eco-conscious.


Originally a mens size L. Can also fit size M with tie & ruching additions.

CL Reworked - White Pleated Button Up

SKU: 0131
  • Material: up cycled, Nautica white button up, 100%, white cotton

    Made with love in Chev Lane home studio.

  • Your order will be delivered in a 100% compostable Hero Packaging satchel, which has been designed to break down completely. These can be placed in your compost or organics waste bin. 

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