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Model / Brayden Hiscock


Waist: 28”
Bust: 33”
Hip: 32”
Leg: 40”

Metty The Artist - Patchwork Denim Button Up Shirt

SKU: 0105
$220.00 Regular Price
$154.00Sale Price
Size: L
  • Preloved and discarded jeans make up this set. Cut into squares, sewn together to create a patchwork fabric. May come with wear and imperfections. This set was designed for genderless, versatility or to complement each other by wearing as a set. Features such as mix matched silver vintage buttons, yoke framing and raw edges that will fray with each wash. Alternatively, the shirt could be worn open with your choice of garment inside, for example a bralette or t-shirt. This shirt best fits a L. 

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